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I am a Master's student in Political Communication at Johns Hopkins University. I am trying to find the time to post updates about what I am learning on my Twitter page. I occasionally post cat photos to Instagram. If you consider yourself a friend or family, my personal Facebook page is here.

I keep a "professional" Facebook page for my work as a political party organizer. You can connect with me here. I also maintain two Twitter accounts for political party organizing.

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November 15, 2021

I have registered for my Spring 2022 class
— Foundations of Digital Communication. If the minimalist design of this page distresses you, hang on until I can take this class and learn more about creating usable and effective websites.

Maryland Green Party Bylaws Changes: Vote for #1, Against #2

November 15, 2021

The Maryland Green Party is proposing two changes to its bylaws at an upcoming assembly on November 20, 2021.
You can see the proposed changes here.

I will be voting
for Proposal #1 and against Proposal #2.

Proposal #1: The Maryland Green Party has operating without a standing election procedure for many years. In the past
most recently 2020 I have written the party's election procedures and/or designed the party's ballots and tabulated its elections. I have advocated for some version of past procedures to become recognized as standing procedures. Proposal #1 writes standing election procedures into the party's bylaws. I disagree with adding to the party's bylaws, and think it makes much more sense to write a standalone procedure that can be more easily adjusted for future elections without having to go use the bylaws amendment process. But my disagreement does not negate my belief that a set of standing procedures is badly needed, and I will vote for Proposal #1.

Proposal #2 expands the Coordinating Council of the Maryland Green Party to include a second Membership Coordinator. I believe that the Coordinating Council is already too large and see no benefit to adding an additional member as a second Membership Coordinator. I believe the the majority of the work assigned to the Membership Coordinator should be done by party staff, but even in the absence of a staff administrator I do not support adding an additional member to the Coordination Council. I see no need for this change and will be voting against Proposal #2.

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